It’s like magic because this allows you to build a genuine — and lasting — relationship with your prospects.

When you post on most social media platforms, your reach with the posts usually withers and dies within the first few hours or days. 

You might make a big splash… 

But someone is coming up right behind you to make a bigger splash that will swamp yours in a second.

Indeed, most platforms rely on your posts getting swept away and ignored after just a couple of hours so that people will return to gobble up new content.

YouTube works in exactly the opposite way. 

Because YouTube is a search engine, its content is archived. 

That means the video you post today is discoverable months and even years from now.

Instead of being a ripple in the pond that quickly disappears, your content is like a treasure chest that never runs low. 

All you need to do is send more pirates to discover it.

I remember having videos posted years ago that continued to get thousands of views, subscribers, and leads—all on autopilot.

I’ll be the first to admit, these results aren’t ordinary. 

But can be attainable for anyone that’s willing to put in the work.

By that, I mean that no one is going to go look for your video if it’s not content gold to begin with. 

But the bigger problem is that there’s lots of hidden treasure on YouTube that never gets found because no one left behind a map.

Lucky for us, YouTube made a change that leveled the playing field for everyone.

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