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EP 3 of 6:
“Family Feud” Research Method

This will be a quick episode.

Getting started on YouTube can be a humbling experience… 

Especially if you don’t have a strategy.

I recently worked with a client who was a little lost. 

Chris was having problems—he had been posting YouTube videos for nearly a year and hadn’t gained many views or subscribers.

He thought he had tried everything, but after a year, it felt like trying to squeeze water from a rock. 

He was frustrated at having so little to show for his efforts, and when we reviewed his work, it was clear he had been trying.

So he booked a one-hour consultation with me. 

Five minutes into the conversation, it became clear to us why Chris was fighting a losing battle.

I want to make it clear that Chris is a very clever guy. 

He graduated from college and now owns a gym. 

He’s been messing about in internet marketing for his fitness business for some years already.

He’s not new to this. 

He knows a lot. 

Yet, Chris had made a rookie mistake.

What he did was not unlike someone joining his gym and starting a weightlifting routine without a plan. 

They almost never get the muscles they want because they’re flying blind.

The same thing was happening with Chris.

He was posting videos without a strategy.

Now, he’s not alone. 

In fact, YouTube is full of people with exactly the same problem. It’s the single biggest reason why people fail on YouTube. 

Let me explain by drawing you a picture of what a typical YouTube strategy looks like for someone like Chris:

They pull out their camera, hit record, upload the video, and nothing happens.

I asked Chris if he had done any research on what people were searching for on YouTube. He said he just “assumed” he knew what they wanted.

Rookie mistake. After all, “Assumption is the mother of all …”

So I asked Chris to partake in our “Family Feud” research exercise. I want you to do the same. Don’t worry — it will only take a second of your time.

But it might be the most valuable moment you spend on the internet today. Open up a notepad and write this question down.

If you surveyed 100 ideal customers and asked: “What would you type into Google or YouTube to improve at [PROBLEM YOUR BUSINESS SOLVES]?”

What would the three most likely answers be?

I’ll let you write them down really quick and then go to your email inbox to continue with the next Episode.

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