One Last Thing...

I want to give you some ideas of paid offers that you can create and offer to your prospects once they’re on your email list:

  • PDF
  • Ebook
  • Digital Video Course Membership Site Software
  • Service
  • Consulting
  • Tangible Product Affiliate Products

Be creative and create whatever is most comfortable for you. 

But whatever you do, do it well and do it fast. 

That’s right — speed matters in business (that’s why I’ve been trying to get you to hit the Nitrous).

If you love writing, then make an Ebook… 

But if writing is slowing you down, then ditch the book and offer a video course instead.

Let’s go through the steps once more:

  1. Family Feud Questions: Figure out what main problems your market is trying to find a solution to.
  2. Charm Bracelet Strategy: Discover how they are searching for solutions to these problems.
  3. Video Concepts and Creation: Use the titles you discovered to create 7–16 minute long videos that are focused on one problem.
  4. Analyze Data and Keep ’Em Watching: Provide an entertaining enough solution to keep viewers watching for as long as possible.
  5. Turn Your Subscribers Into Leads and Customers: Create a free gift for your viewers that you’ll give to them in exchange for their email.

This is the YouTube Money Map Method in a nutshell — the overarching strategy for what we do on YouTube with our business and the businesses of our clients. 

What makes this strategy so powerful is its simplicity and flexibility.

What I’ve shown you on this ride is enough to get you started successfully building a large YouTube channel and making $100K/yr with just YouTube.

I’ve mentioned a few things that should have your mind racing. 

As a member of the jury, I hope you came to the verdict that you need to be utilizing YouTube for your business. 

If you’re looking to take your YouTube learning further then I definitely recommend you check out my YouTube Growth Course.

Oh, and there’s one more bonus I sent of your bonus.

Consider it a friendly farewell gift since we are ending this little journey together.

Hopefully it’s the first of many.

It’s been a pleasure.

I sent one last special bonus to your email 🙂

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