What Does The Data Say?

I can’t give you a 100% correct answer about the perfect length every one of your videos should be. 

Every channel and audience on YouTube is different.

Some viewers have longer attention spans than others. 

Some watchers are on YouTube more often than others.

With that being said, what we can do is look at the numbers, because the numbers don’t lie. 

They are what they are.

Studies have proven that the best performing videos ranged from 7–16 minutes. 

The average view duration for the highest performing videos ranged from 5–8 minutes. 

And the channels with the highest growth uploaded videos two to three times per week.

But don’t go thinking you have to hit a home run every time you post a video…

I have found that most people only watch 30–40% of a video anyway.

In fact, the average view duration for my current channels are about 2–5 minutes.

But YouTube continues to promote my videos.

Long story short, your average view durations may be different, but over time, you’ll be able to figure out what works and what YouTube likes.

When that happens, then you’ll be able to control your own growth. 

But you’ll only get that information with data, and you’ll only get that data if you consistently post videos to your channel. 

Make sense?

Here’s the takeaway: If you can consistently create videos of around 10 minutes long, that keep people watching for at least 3–5 minutes, and do it one to two times a week, then you’ll see great growth on YouTube.

Okay, now I know what you’re thinking: Views and subscribers are cool, but like they said in the movie Jerry Maguire, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

Don’t worry — that’s coming next.

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