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Episode 6:
Turning Subscribers Into Cold Hard Cash

The YouTube Adpocalypse struck in February 2017 and again in February 2019 because advertisers boycotted YouTube.


Well, like I mentioned at the beginning…

They didn’t want their ads on profane and negative content.

If advertisers boycott, creators don’t get paid. 

Many YouTube creators voiced their displeasure and even threatened to leave the platform.

I understood their frustration. 

Especially when the majority of those creators relied solely on YouTube Ad Revenue for income. 

If you don’t quite understand the concept of YouTube Ad Revenue, this should help explain it:

It says that the way you make money on YouTube is by serving up ads on your videos and from people subscribing to your content.

You can, therefore, see why the Adpocalypse was so bad for YouTube Partners. 

But I can happily confess that while all of this was going down, I wasn’t worried at all.

That’s because my primary goal with YouTube has been, and always will be, to utilize it as a source of lead generation for my business.

That’s right. 

I don’t look at YouTube as my primary source of revenue — and neither should you.

The money that I make from ad revenue is always going to be just a bonus for my efforts.

After all, no other platform pays you as well to upload your videos as YouTube does. 

Even though Facebook recently introduced monetization, they’re still far behind YouTube in this regard.

But, at the end of the day… 

It really doesn’t matter, because I’ve used YouTube alone to generate over 500,000 new leads for free.

If you understand even just a little about business, then you can understand how valuable that many leads are.

Add to that the fact that these are 500,000+ warm prospects, and it becomes easy to see how I can generate thousands of sales every single month from it.

Let me explain how to do this…

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