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Charm Bracelet Strategy

The Charm Bracelet Strategy is something I came up with over 10 years ago. I’ll explain it in a second, but first, did you come up with your three answers?

Let’s go over what Chris came up with:

  1. How to get a six pack 
  2. How to build muscle
  3. How to get stronger

Next, remove “How to” or any added words that aren’t associated with the “keyword” that describes what your customer needs help with. 

So the new list would look like:

  1. Get a six pack 
  2. Build muscle 
  3. Get stronger

These three keywords from your list are called your “Bracelet Keywords.”

They’re the keys to the kingdom, my friends.

So here’s what you do next. 

Take your first bracelet keyword and go directly to YouTube.

Start to type in your first bracelet keyword, but don’t finish. 

Leave the last letter off the end of the word, like so:

As you type, you’ll notice an automated list of “recommendations” below the search bar. 

This is called the “Google Autocomplete” function.

Remember, Google owns YouTube. 

They’ve seen a fair number of searches in their day (!) and want to help their customers get to the information they want — fast.

This function offers a prediction of what you’re searching for based on the popularity of previous user searches. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Actually, it’s a gold mine. 

It’s a list of high-quality free data direct from the owner of YouTube.

Make a list of all of the Autocomplete recommendations that your market is searching for.

These are your “Charm Keywords.” 

Now let’s look at Chris’s results.

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