Unlocking YouTube Growth

Hey, it’s Rocky.

Take a look at this email I received on August 21, 2018, from YouTube:

They invited me to be a mentor for their #NextUp Mentorship event at their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

I was one of the three mentors that would be helping some of the most popular up-and-coming creators continue to grow and make more money from their YouTube channels.

Fast forward a month later…

I arrive at the YouTube headquarters.

As I enter the building, I give my name, channel name, and ID.

After verifying my information, they send me through the metal detectors.

I enter what I call a Wonderland for creators.

“Am I in heaven?” I ask myself as I walk around Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for creators. 

The building is full of the best cameras, video equipment, computers, and pretty much anything you could imagine…

Reserved only for the largest channels on YouTube. (I think you needed over 100,000 subscribers just to enter the building.)

But I wasn’t there for play.

I was called in to do a serious job.

To help creators and entrepreneurs like you grow and scale their YouTube channels. 

You see, YouTube puts on these events because the more successful they can make their creators…

The more people will want to become YouTube creators.

And they called on me to make that happen. 

I remember being on one of the initial Google Hangout calls talking with one of YouTube’s directors of the event…

She said to me, “Rocky, we really want you here. There are many videos online to show creators how to get a few extra views and subscribers, but nobody out there can really show these creators how to make a million dollars from their channel as you have.”

In other words, I was there not only to help the creators continue to grow their channels… 

But also to help them build an income stream on the back of their channel. 

Each of us mentors at the event had unique abilities…

One was good at helping creators build relationships with brands for sponsorship opportunities…

Another was good at analyzing data and analytics…

My specialty was turning YouTube channels into six and seven-figure businesses. 

But here’s the thing… 

Spending a few days with someone isn’t enough to show them everything they need to know.

It’s a process that takes time.

Plus, even if I did show them everything, I couldn’t expect them to be able to remember it all.

So after the event, my YouTube rep called me and asked if I could whip together a few videos for the creators, covering what I revealed during the event. 

And those videos eventually evolved into a full-blown YouTube growth course. 

One that can help anyone build a lucrative YouTube channel—if they are willing to do the work. 

Because that’s the thing about YouTube that any successful creator on the platform will tell you…

This is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes. 

YouTube can be difficult… 

It can be humbling…

And it can take a lot of work…

Especially if you don’t have a proven system around your content creation and monetization.

But with the right strategies, you could grow a YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and into a six to seven-figure business. 

Now to be clear…

I’m not saying I know everything there is to know about the YouTube algorithm.

Nobody does—not even the people working at YouTube.

But I’ve been in the YouTube game long enough (a decade and counting) to know how to build a lucrative channel.

And I’m here to pull back the curtains on my most effective tips and strategies. 

That’s why I created the Unlocking YouTube Growth course.

Inside, you’ll discover everything I know about growing a YouTube channel into a traffic-generating machine that helps you get more views and subscribers…

While helping you turn those viewers and subscribers into die-hard fans that buy anything you put out. 

When I first launched this course to the public, it took off like a jet. 

Almost 1,000 people joined in the first 2 months…

And the results people got from the course were excellent. 

Take John, for example…

John had been on YouTube since February 2015…

And was struggling for years to get views and subscribers on his channel.

But then he found my Unlocking YouTube Growth course.

Within two weeks, he doubled his YouTube subscribers… all from the information I teach in my course. 

John went from generating 100 new subscribers and 1,000 views a day to over 3,800 subscribers and 245K views a day.

I don’t know the exact percentage of that increase, but it’s got to be big.

Here’s the email he sent me when it happened:

Pretty crazy, right? 

Results like these can be possible for anyone who installs these YouTube growth strategies.

If you’re interested in getting results like this, I recommend you scroll down below, check out the course outline, and decide if this is for you…

Unlocking YouTube Growth Course Outline

The Unlocking YouTube Growth core training is broken down into 5 easy-to-consume modules that show you the fundamentals of growing a successful YouTube Channel.

You’ll gain immediate access to videos that will show you how to fully optimize every phase of that process so that you are creating and uploading videos that have the potential to get thousands, even millions of views.

And then I’ll show you my YouTube funnel strategies that will help you turn your viewers into a six or seven figure business. 

Module breakdown:

  • Module 1: 7 Figure YouTube Organic Growth Strategy
  • Module 2: Real-Time Uploading
  • Module 3: Video Creation Guide
  • Module 4: Turbocharging Growth with YouTube Shorts
  • Module 5: Turning Viewers Into Sales
  • Module 6: Bonus Resources

Questions & Answers

1.) Is this course for me?

Let’s start off by addressing who this course ISN’T for… 

This course isn’t for you if…

  1. You’re not willing to put in the time and effort to make at least 1 YouTube video per week.
  2. You’re looking to grow your channel magically without putting in any effort. As I mentioned earlier, you have to do the work.
  3. You want a guarantee that you will be rich and famous overnight if you do this course. There are no guarantees in this game. That’s like signing up for an acting class and expecting to be the next Denzel Washington. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there is no guarantee. I will do my best to teach you systems that have worked for me and my students, but I can’t ‘guarantee’ any specific result. 

That said, I can guarantee you that your life will change if you create videos following the tips and strategies I show you.  

My goal with this course is to make it easy for you to run your YouTube channel correctly, opening the doors to more lucrative opportunities.

If that sounds like something you’d like, I’d love to have you. This won’t be for you if it’s not what you’re looking for.

2.) How long do I get access to the course?

When you join today, you get to keep lifetime access. Which is a plus for you, because we are constantly updating the course. As you probably know, YouTube’s algorithm is always changing, so we are always updating the course to stay on top of those changes. But you’ll get access to everything for life after you join today.

3.) Do I need to have a YouTube channel or a certain number of subscribers to join the course?

No, it is not a requirement. But I recommend that you at least set up a channel before the start of the course. Also, there is not a certain amount of subscribers you should have. We’ve helped people starting from scratch, and we’ve helped people with over 1 million subscribers. The goal is to help everyone improve their channel and make more money regardless of their level.

4.) What experience with YouTube do I need to have?

You do not need to have any past experience. All you need is a desire to take your YouTube channel seriously.

5.) I’ve made hundreds of videos already, is this course for me?

Yes, this course is for anyone that wants to be successful on youtube. And if you already have videos on your channel then you will already have a good foundation to grow, monetize, and scale your channel even faster.

6.) What sort of channel is this course suitable for?

This course is not tailored to any specific type of channel. But with that being said, I believe How-To/Educational are ideal for this course. Still, if you create videos that provide value to an audience, the exact type of channel you have won’t matter. The strategies inside this course can work for any genre of video.

7.) What’s the minimum equipment required to take the course?

There is no requirement that you need for this course. I got started on YouTube back in 2012 with my cellphone. Nowadays, cell phone cameras are more than good enough to use to upload your content. Especially with YouTube promoting a lot of short, vertical content as well. This makes your phone ideas for creating content.

8.) Do I need to know how to edit videos?

The most you will need to know how to do is to simply “cut” the front and back of a video. Basically removing you turning the camera on and off. But not much more than that. Also, there is a module inside the course designed to show you basic video editing than anyone can easily do.

9.) How long will the course take to finish?

There is nothing easy about going from 0 subscribers to a channel that has thousands of subscribers and generates $100,000 in revenue and produces customers every day. It’s a journey, and the length of the journey will be different for everyone, myself included. Market conditions, who you choose to serve, your skill on video, your consistency,  and your technical knowledge will contribute to how fast your channel grows. Remember: Growing on YouTube is not a race. It’s an infinite game where the aim is to keep playing forever.

10.) Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 60-day “FAIR REFUND” money back guarantee. You have to actually watch the video lessons, create a channel, and create and upload videos. If you do all that and don’t get the results you are looking for then drop me an email and I’ll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of purchase.

It’s not fair to others when people come in and steal the information and then request a refund. I doubt you would do that, but some people do. Which is why we require that you at least do the work to be eligible for a refund. That’s fair, right? Now, if that prevents you from investing in this course then it’s probably not for you.

Love from our Customers

How To Get Started

By now, you’re probably wondering how much this will cost you…

People have told me it is worth thousands of dollars…

But I like to make my courses affordable for anyone.

So I won’t overcharge you.

Normal price for this course is $495 (you can verify that on our products page). 

But while this page is available you can get in for just $295. 

Besides, if you implement what I show you then I’m sure you’ll make at least 10X what you’ll invest for this course.

But that’s okay. 

I just want to receive a success story from you so I can post it on this page.

That will help me more than anything.

It’s a win-win for us both.

If this resonates with you, I would love for you to join us on this journey.

You can do so by clicking the button below. 

That will take you to our secure order form where you can complete your order.

As soon as you do that, we will email you your username and password so you can log in and get started. 

Thanks for your time,

— Rocky 

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