Wait, something went wrong.

Just kidding.

You’re good.

You’re all signed up.

But you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the following directions so you can make sure you get what you signed up for.

Because you’re here for a reason.

You think it’s because you want to learn how to grow on YouTube…

And I can help you do that…

But the truth is, you’re not really here to learn about YouTube.

Nope. Not at all.

You’re really here because you want to be seen.

I only know that because I’m human, like you. 

I feel it too.

We all just want to be seen.

Thankfully, I’ve found a way…

And I’m here to share it with you.

My name is Rocky and I’ll be your host for this journey..

Really quick, a little bit about me…

I’m a creator.

Not like a YouTuber or anything silly like that… (Even though Famous Birthdays calls me a YouTube Star LOL).

But no, I’m a creator…

I like creating art in the form of writing and filming.

It just so happens that that stuff earns me income and allows me to call myself a business owner.

But I’m just a creator… like you.

We all are creators.

In the shallowest and deepest meaning of the word.

Not trying to get all religious on you…

I promise I don’t talk about religion or politics in my emails…. Thank GOD!

No, my goal is to assist you on your journey to being seen.

Which is something I know a little about.

Check out that guy right there:

That’s me, from what seems like AGES ago.

But yes, in my “past” life I was one of the most viewed basketball trainers in the world.

I created, edited, and produced well over 700 basketball training videos over a 7 year period.

Those video amassed over 200 million views and helped the channel grow to over 1.7 million subscribers. 

That’s why YouTube sent me that Gold Play Button you saw in the image above.

They send that to anyone that reaches over 1 million subscribers. 

But those days are long gone.

I’ve moved on.

Since then I’ve worked with YouTube as a mentor to their top up-and-coming creators.

They presented me with an offer that I just couldn’t refuse.

I’ve also helped my own clients like Sarah Beth Yoga and MindValley grow their channels to over a million subscribers.

Aj Silvers said I’m an absolute genius when it comes to developing super sticky YouTube channels and building very profitable businesses on the back of them.

His words, not mine.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my customers, clients, and followers experience great results from my methods.

I have a folder filled with messages like these that I’ve received over the years.

Sorry for hammering you with all the “proof.”

But it’s necessary these day with all the bogus claims people make.

The only claim I’m going to make is I can help you be seen on YouTube.

Any piece of content I ever send you will be tied to that idea.

Why else do we create content?

Why else do we create businesses? 

Sure we can say it’s because we want to help people…

But if you really think about it…

If you close out the noise and listen deep within…

You’ll realize that what you’re looking for is to be seen.

That’s okay.

I’m telling you…

It’s okay.

The faster you accept that…

The sooner we can start your journey.

So get ready for the ride.

Email #1 just arrived in your inbox. 

It contains Episode One of the YouTube Money Map. 

If you don’t open that email you will be blocked from my email list. 


It’s an easy way to rid my list of fake emails.

Only real people can stay on my list.

I want to talk to real people.

Not any stupid bots.

So if you’re a real person, you’re good, just go open Episode 1. 

If you’re a bot… well, then screw you.

By the way — you only have 24 hours to open that email.

If you don’t, then your email will be blocked.

Take a look at this list of blocked email addresses if you don’t believe me:

I have to do this to make sure bots don’t infiltrate my email list.

They can wreak havoc on your open rates and deliverability.

Clearly this would be terrible as it would prevent my emails from going to the people that really want them.

I can’t risk that.

I’m sure you can understand.

If you’re ready to begin the journey of growing a YouTube channel with me, then go to your email and read Episode 1 very closely. 

See you over there,

— Rocky 

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