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VTP YouTube Course is for people:

  • Who have a YouTube channel — or want to have a YouTube channel — and they’re serious about getting more views and subscribers. I’m talking about possibly 10Xing their results overnight.
  • Who are looking to become the lead authority and a celebrity in their market.
  • Who are looking to create an automated machine of leads and sales into their business for free from warm organic YouTube traffic.
  • Who are looking to build a following of die hard fans that will love and consume every piece of content they create and buy everything they sell.
  • VTP YouTube Course is a complete foolproof strategy to rapidly building a successful YouTube Channel.
  • VTP YouTube Course goes way beyond building a YouTube audience; it’s about building a massive tribe of die hard fans that love you, your content, and your business.
  • Inside you’ll discover the exact process I used to scale my YouTube channel to over 1.88 million subscribers,187 million views and a seven figure business all from free organic traffic. The same process I’ve used to help countless others generate over 100,000 subscribers and 6 to 7 figures in sales annually.
  • I promise that engaging with this training, following the simple step-by-step system, and implementing what I show you, you’ll gain more views and subscribers to your channel. And eventually, you’ll earn more than enough income to run a lucrative business solely from YouTube if you want.

If this resonates with you, read on. What I have will delight you.

STEP 1: Check Out This Free Resource Recommended to New Students

My Top 10 Secrets For Getting 1,829,768 YouTube Subscribers

Free training session where I reveal 10 powerful secrets to getting more views and subscribers quickly on YouTube. Click the button to attend.

STEP 2: Then continue to read below:

So the other day I received a pretty cool email from a pretty cool guy…

I’m sure you know who he is… and if you don’t then I know your parents do.

Take a look:

John had been using YouTube since February 2015…

And was struggling to get views and subscribers on his channel.

But on November 8th he saw my ad on Facebook and signed up for my free training.

Within two weeks he doubled his YouTube subscribers… all from the information I present in the free training.

Of course, I double checked his stats just to prove that he really saw these results…

And I’m glad I did.

Because John wasn’t lying…

Check out his stats:

On November 8th John gained 100 new subscribers and 3,184 views…

And just nine days later he gained over 3,800 subscribers and 245,676 view in ONE DAY.

I’m no math Wiz, so I don’t know the exact percentage increases in those numbers… 

But they’ve got to be pretty BIG.

Results like these remind me of just how powerful these strategies are and why I should probably be charging much more than I am.

These are the same strategies I used to build my channel up to over 1.8 million subscribers, 100 million views and seven figures in sales.


You can probably guess that John became a member of the full VTP YouTube Course immediately after that…

And his channel continues to skyrocket.

He will be at 100,000 subscribers in just a few weeks.

Pretty crazy, right?

Well, what’s really crazy is John wasn’t the first person I’ve helped get results like these…

And he definitely won’t be the last.

In fact, you could be next…

Simply by following the step-by-step system inside of the course that I’m about to introduce you to.

The Product

The Vid Traffic Pro YouTube Course covers everything needed to build a large and successful YouTube channel… 

And turn it into a 6 or 7 figure business.

The format is video based…

Obviously, right?

I mean, video is needed to show you how to dominate the #1 video platform in the world.

Also note that the course content is *not* dripped out.

You’ll have access to it all. It’s self-paced. Meaning you can tear through it at a pace to match your schedule.

That said, the goal isn’t speed.

I get asked a lot, “how long does it take to complete this course?”

That’s the wrong question to ask. Getting the gold star for completion isn’t the KPI that matters. We’re not back at school.

What matters is two fold (and achieving this can vary wildly between students):

  • Comprehension (internalizing the ideas until they’re clear to you),
  • and execution (implementing what I show you).

This isn’t a race.

It’s about implementing and getting the results. 

You’ll Get More Views and Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel, Building a Lucrative Business in the Process

As Soon As You Log Into The Course You’ll Discover:

  • Over 30 videos, showing you how to fully optimize every phase of the process so you are creating and uploading videos that get thousands, even millions of views.
  • Four fun and interactive modules where I “hold your hand” each step of the way from your first YouTube video to your first sale.
  • Hundreds of instantly actionable strategies to create better videos faster and make your videos look professional, even on a shoestring budget.
  • “Cheat sheets” for creating and selling that distill years of having to study marketing and copywriting.
  • Access to our brand new Vid Traffic Pros (VTP) Members Circle where you’ll be able to interact with other experts and entrepreneurs on YouTube like you. This serves as a...
  • 24/7 support group so you’ll never feel “stuck” or like you have to do it all by yourself.

The VTP YouTube Course is loaded with ways to jump into the express lane…

And build a successful channel and lucrative business fast.

For example, in the course, you’ll discover:

  • How you can make your first $2,500... $5,000... even $10,000 in less than 60 days with your channel....
  • How to get your first video up and start getting views right now.
  • How to “set it, forget it” and generate leads and sales into your business on autopilot.
  • How to use YouTube to become the “go-to” authority in your market.
  • Why your YouTube comments are KING for boosting sales, and how to get the best comments possible on your videos.
  • How to find an UNLIMITED amount of great video ideas that people are actually interested in.
  • And a whole lot more...

Course Curriculum

First, each module will begin with a short video from me. 

It’ll be a dose of inspiration, your “kick in the pants,” to getting your videos done quickly and properly.  

  • Module 1: You’ll see how to master your YouTube growth so that you can grow your channel as quickly as possible. You’ll discover my most powerful strategies and tactics that will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else on YouTube.
  • Module 2: You’ll discover my step by step process to uploading a video to YouTube live. It’s like you’re sitting right beside me as I upload a video to my channel of over 1 million subscribers. You’ll discover the proper way to upload your video every time, giving your videos the best chance at getting discovered and gaining thousands of views and subscribers. This module will prevent you from ever making any upload mistakes that usually plague most people just getting started on YouTube. Before you ever upload a video, I’ll show you exactly how I upload every single video in real time. So that way you can assure that you don’t make any mistakes and you also give your video the best opportunity to get views.
  • Module 3: You’ll discover the easiest and best way to film and edit your videos. I’ve paid the owner of the video company that films and edits all my videos a few thousand dollars to come in and give you filming and editing tips that can help you easily create great videos. Videos that people want to watch, even with minimal equipment. He will breakdown for you the best equipment to use for beginners so that you can create million dollar videos on a low end budget.
  • Module 4: You’ll discover the top 3 most lucrative sales funnels for YouTube. I’ll also walk you through the step by step process to how I use some of my favorite tools to set up these sales funnels in just minutes. You’ll also find secret tips that make your marketing funnels convert higher. Keep in mind, I’ve seen online courses out there that teach how to create funnels that cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. So this section alone is a huge value piece.

Customer Love

Below is a small sample of (unsolicited) responses I’ve had from customers about the VTP YouTube Course.

Would love to display yours soon. Just saying. 🙂


An offer wouldn't be an offer without exclusives bonuses, would it?

Bonus Gift #1

"Plug & Play" Templates
$199 Value - Yours FREE!

When you enroll today, you’ll also receive a complete library of my highest converting templates, absolutely free. 

This will make it even easier for you to implement my six and seven figure YouTube funnels. 

You’ll receive templates for squeeze pages, sales pages, and even my best follow-up emails. 

YouTube traffic is different than the traffic from any other platform. 

Which means you need to talk to your audience different throughout the entire process. 

I’ve written thousands of sales emails over the past few years, in numerous different markets, and you’ll get immediate access to my highest converting emails for your follow-up sequence. 

The cool thing with all these templates, is you’ll basically be able to copy and paste them directly into your business so you can get to the money fast.

Bonus Gift #2

Viral Video Scripts
$199 Value - Yours FREE!

Plus, you’ll get my viral video script. 

A few years ago, I discovered an effective Framework and Script for creating videos. 

This framework has been a catalyst to my massive growth on YouTube. 

This Viral Video Framework & Script For Creators is the same Framework I give to clients that have paid over $3,000 dollars a month for my services. 

But it’s yours today free…

Bonus Gift #3

Keyword Research Guide
$199 Value - Yours FREE!

Plus, I want to give you immediate access my keyword research guide to massive growth. 

Did you know that the easiest way to grow a presence on YouTube online was to know how to research keywords properly? 

I’ve shown you my bracelet and charm strategy. 

But what happens when you feel like you’ve used up all your bracelet and charms? 

Well, I’ll reveal my keyword research secrets that will allow you to find even more video ideas, get more views faster and give you the ability to grow your audience faster. 

The more views you get, the more potential customers you have. This Keyword Research Guide To Growth is designed to be an easy, effective “how to” manual for unlocking the power of your content creating strategy. 

This is probably one of my most treasured secrets… 

If I wanted to, I could probably easily sell these three add-ons individually for as much as $199 each. 

But if you respond to this special offer you’ll get immediate access to all of them —For FREE.

Bonus Gift #4

Secret Event Footage
$199 Value - Yours FREE!

A few months back I was paid to speak at an exclusive event in London revealing my biggest and baddest YouTube strategies. 

The attendees at this event paid upwards of $2,000 dollars to get their foot in the door. 

My presentation was voted as one of the top ones given. 

Here’s the thing, this event was filmed for the private attendees only and I wasn’t even supposed to get access to this footage. 

In fact, I don’t think any other speaker did.

But I was able to twist the arm of the event owner enough to get him to give me the footage so that I could share it with you.

It will be waiting for you inside your account as soon as you sign up. I could easily charge at least $1,000 for this footage alone. 

But you’ll get this secret footage absolutely free today.

Let's Recap Everything You're Getting

  • Vid Traffic Pro Course: Complete YouTube Growth system that will help you grow a large and lucrative YouTube Channel. $1,999 Value
  • VTP Members Circle: Where you’ll be able to interact with other experts and entrepreneurs on YouTube like you. $299 Value
  • Plug & Play Templates: A complete library of my highest converting templates. $199 Value
  • Viral Video Script: A powerful framework and script for creating videos people want to watch. $199 Value
  • Keyword Research Guide: I’ll reveal my keyword research secrets that will allow you to get more views faster and grow your audience even faster. $199 Value
  • Secret Event Footage: Private event footage where I reveal some YouTube secrets that have never been seen before. $199 Value

A $3,094 Value For Just $495!

All The Risk Is On Our Shoulders

Our ultimate goal with Vid Traffic Pro is to help you grow you channel large enough to make more money than you invest into joining.

We believe so strongly in our product that we have a 90 day refund policy. 

So if you follow everything I tell you…

You create the videos, upload them following my strategies, and still feel like you’re aren’t getting good value out of the program, we don’t want your money. 

Simply email us at and we will refund your entire purchase. 

We only want your money for helping you make much more than you pay us for our knowledge and if you apply what we teach, we are confident that that will happen.

Now It's Time For You To Make An Important Decision

The way I see it you have three options.

Option #1: Do nothing at all.

Maybe you have a business that’s doing extremely well.

Maybe you’re already the lead authority in your market…

And you’re generating so many leads into your business that you don’t know what to do with them.

Maybe you don’t need more traffic, more views, more fans, more credibility.

If that’s the case, then you don’t need this course.

But since you’re still reading this page, I’m guessing you’re not 100% happy with your current situation.

If that’s you, then you also have a second option…

Option #2: You can try to figure out everything on your own.

Sure, it might take you a while…

Maybe even a few years, but it’s not impossible.

But if you don’t want to wait years to start getting more views, subscribers, leads and sales…

You have a third option.

Option #:3 Team up with someone who already has this stuff figured out. 

Someone who’s built their very own channel to over 1 million subscribers and who has helped other build theirs to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views…

Someone who’s developed a proprietary system…

Someone who’s already put in all the hard work…

And who’s students are already growing large and making big money.

Just ask yourself, out of these 3 options which one is easiest for you?

The choice is yours, but…

You should know this… several years ago, I stood at a similar crosswords.

And let me tell you, had I not taken action, I don’t know where I’d be.

It was only by TAKING ACTION—creating my first YouTube video myself with whatever I had—that I was able to rise up out of a situation I hated and choose for myself this life that I love.

You’ve come this far.

So why not take advantage of my ironclad guarantee and see for yourself.

After all, there’s absolutely no risk.

If you have even an inkling of a feeling that I made this course JUST FOR YOU.

Click the order button to the right below. 

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m here to support you.

You rock!

— Rocky Ullah

P.S. Below are a few (well, one at the moment) questions I’ve recently received, with answered below:

Frequently Asked Questions

No there is not a payment plan right now since it wouldn’t be fair to the other people that paid for Vid Traffic Pro… plus the price is already so low, at just $295. But if you want to break it up into payments, just use a credit card or use PayPal Credit on this page.

There are many teaching YouTube but few have the experience I have. Most people have built one channel being their own and sell YouTube trainer, I’ve built a few of my own in different industries and have partner channels that are all over 100K subscribers. I don’t say this to brag but I say it so you know that I actually do this and the strategies I teach work in all different industries. Also, most online programs are just thrown together and don’t have accountability. We do.

We hate hidden payments and upsells just as much as you do. There are NO upsells. Once you join, that’s it. This is the only offer.

Yes, everything is $495 including all of the bonuses. Also this is just a one-time payment.


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