Turning Views and Subscriber Into Cold Hard Cash

When the YouTube Adpocalypse struck in February 2017 and again in February 2019.

Many YouTube creators voiced their displeasure and even threatened to leave the platform.

I understood their frustration… 

Especially when the majority of those creators relied solely on YouTube Ad Revenue for income.

If you don’t quite understand the concept of YouTube Ad Revenue, this should help explain it:

It says that the way you make money on YouTube is by serving up ads on your videos and from people subscribing to your content. 

You can therefore see why the Adpocalypse was so bad for YouTube Partners:

But I can happily confess that while all of this was going down, I wasn’t worried at all.

That’s because our primary goal with YouTube has been, and always will be, to utilize it as a source of lead generation for our business.

That’s right. 

We don’t look at YouTube as our primary source of revenue—and neither should you.

The money that we make from ad revenue is always going to be just a bonus for our efforts.

After all, no other platform pays you to upload your videos like YouTube does.

Even though Facebook has been trying to introduce monetization for years, they are still far behind YouTube in this regard. 

Currently on Facebook monetization is only available for a handful of large “celebrity” fan pages.

Not sure if it will ever be available to all fan pages and I’m definitely not holding my breath.

And it really doesn’t matter, because we’ve used YouTube alone to build an email list of over 500,000 people for FREE.

If you understand even just just a little about business then you can understand how valuable an email list of this size is.

Add to that the fact that this is a list of 500,000+ warm prospects… 

And it becomes easy to see how we can generate thousands of sales every single month from it.

Let me explain how we do this.

First we create a free gift to give away to our viewers. 

That’s right. 

The first step to making money is to give something of value away for free. (Hang in here with me).

This could be any piece of content, from a little 5 minute exclusive video to an ebook we’ve created specifically for this purpose.

A lot of times we will take older content that’s gotten a little stale and repurpose it. 

That way our gift-making doesn’t take that much time to create, but still is meaningful to our audience.

Then at the end of each video we provide a verbal call to action (CTA) that instructs the viewer to take specific actions.

I’m sure you’ve seen them before: CTAs are when YouTubers tell their audience to “Like” and/or “Subscribe.”

Verbal CTAs are extremely powerful in regards to the growth of your channel and in turning views into leads. 

And it turns out that if you tell viewers to complete an action, they are much more likely to do so.

I recommend devoting the last 10-15% of the video to doing precisely this. 

But I take it a step further and offer an incentive for giving us the most valuable property on the internet—their email address.

We offer viewers that free gift that we mentioned earlier.

All we ask from them is to click over to our lead capture page, a.k.a. a squeeze page, and then enter their email so we can send it to them. 

That’s all—we just need to know where to send our gift.

Here’s an example of a CTA that we would use:

If you enjoyed this video and want a FREE workout to help you continue to improve your skills, then click the link in the description. That will take you to a page where I ask you for your email.  You put in your email and I’ll send you the workout straight back to that oh so very warm email address—an address that is so warm that it’s hot by the time they open their free gift from you.

Watch a live example of one of our CTAs in the video below:

(skip to 7:55 to get to CTA)

Here’s an example of a squeeze page that we would send our viewers to:

The squeeze page should reaffirm what it is that they are going to be getting and should tell them what to do to get it.

From there they will enter their email and we will send them the free gift just as promised.

And it’s not just about the free gift (though that helps). 

It’s about follow-though. 

We promised them a free gift and we delivered on that promise. 

Following through builds even more trust with our prospects. 

And we sent them something of real value.

Let’s put this all into perspective:

A viewer comes to our channel, finds a solution to their problem (through us), and we become a HERO to them.

Then before they leave our video we offer them a FREE gift and we simply ask for their email so we can send it to them.

There isn’t much more relationship building you can do with a prospect before getting them on your email list than that.

But just imagine how they feel about you and your brand at that moment. 

You came through for them in spades. 

All they wanted was a video…

But now they have someone they can trust to deliver the information they are after.

Next time the need a question answered, where do you think they are going to look first?

But it gets better! 

By obtaining their email you can now contact them whenever you want. 

I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from their hero when he or she tells them that there’s a new solution available and it will only cost them X amount.

They trust you, they value your opinion, and you’ve come through for them before. 

When you start offering them paid solutions to their problems, you may be shocked to see how fast and how much money they’re willing to spend with you.

Because YouTube allows you to build these relationships even before prospects ever reach your email list…

It allows for a much faster relationship build, turning what was just an introduction into an effective (and virtually painless) sales process.

Before I wrap this up, I want to give you some ideas of paid offers that you can create and offer to your prospects once they’re on your email list:

  • PDF
  • Ebook
  • Video Course
  • Membership Site
  • Software
  • Service
  • Consulting
  • Tangible Products (not our favorite)

Be creative and create whatever is most comfortable for you. 

But whatever you do, do it well and do it fast.

That’s right—speed matters in business. 

If you love writing then make an Ebook, but if writing is slowing you down, then ditch the book and offer a video instead.


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