The Secret To Creating Videos YouTube Loves

You’ve seen how to use our Bracelet and Charm Method to create a game plan.

Now it’s time to create videos that people should want to watch to the very end.

We talked earlier about the importance of Watch Time and how it’s the key metric in YouTube’s Algorithm.

It’s great to get more videos watched…

But the right way to think about this is to get more of your videos watched. 

Only then will YouTube share them with larger and larger audiences.

When creating videos, there are a few key things that you need to focus on to increase Watch Time.

First: Focus on ONE specific need in each video.

This is a simple concept but actually quite hard to do in practice. 

That’s because you have so much you want to share with your audience—and that’s good!

What’s not good is sharing it all in the same video. 

You might think that your audience would be willing to sit and watch everything because it’s all good. 

But that’s not true. 

And I know it’s not true because of the Bracelet and Charm research.  

People are not looking for “A full body workout that tones your muscles and tightens your glutes while also improving your abdomen” because what they are searching for is “six pack abs in 6 weeks.”

In every video, you should only address that one Charm Keyword and do it in a way that’s compatible with what they are looking for.

If he creates a video for the charm keyword “six pack in 6 weeks” then in that video he’s only going to show tips, tricks, and drills to help people get a sixpack—in six weeks!

He won’t be talking about bench pressing and squatting. 

There will be no mention of biceps and triceps. 

And he definitely won’t talk about endurance training or the long-term health benefits of yoga.

Why? Because it’s simple.

People click on a video because they want to watch what the title says it’s about.

That’s it.

Adding more stuff gives viewers a reason to do the one thing you don’t want them to do: stop watching.

What will make them stay and watch till the end? A laser sharp focus on the one problem you said you had a solution to in your video.

Second: Focus on video length to achieve the best Watch Time results.

Video length plays a MASSIVE role in audience retention and your channel’s Watch Time.

Your videos should be long enough to provide value but short enough to keep the viewer’s attention.

The biggest mistake people make is that they think this translates into creating short videos, which is another rookie mistake.

Wait, I don’t want to create videos that are short?

That’s right: most videos are too short to get the result you want.  

The trick is understanding why.

Think about it this way: if your videos are only 3-5 minutes long, then even if somebody watches the entire video your Watch Time doesn’t have much potential.

But here’s the reality: chances are viewers will only stay around for between 30 and 40% of your video.

That’s right – the video you slaved over to get just right will not get watched till the end. 

If your videos are only 3 to 5 minutes, people are only going to watch the first 2 minutes of them. 

Don’t expect YouTube to suggest and rank your videos that have that short of a Watch Time. It just won’t happen.

Okay, so we want the videos to be longer… but how long?

Often times we will tell clients to make longer videos and they make the mistake of going from 3 to 30 minutes, thinking logically that if they want 10 minutes of eyes on time then 30 minutes will do the trick.

But people don’t watch videos logically. 

Instead they choose them strategically.

Super long videos will scare away viewers rather than bring them in to watch.

In today’s fast paced world, humans have short attention spans, apparently shorter than goldfish according to this article.

Many people don’t have the time or the desire to sit and watch a 30 minute video, so they won’t even start. 

After all, that’s longer than an episode of The Office or Friends.

Another reason why super long videos are just not the best option is because creating them is hard to sustain. 

Longer videos are harder to make one time, let alone consistently.

And YouTube is as much about consistency as it is anything else we’ve mentioned so far.

Channels that post videos on a more consistent basis will get better results because they will get more channel Watch Time.

You want to offer a steady stream of content, not sporadic dumps of information.

This doesn’t mean you have to post daily. 

It does mean you have to post consistently.

We recommend 2 (or 3) videos a week when getting started… 

But at the end of the day you want to choose a strategy that is sustainable.

The best business worth getting is repeat business…

So you want to create a culture where people return to your site time and again to get new information, ideas, and solutions.

Men Lie, Women Lie, But Numbers Don't Lie

I can’t give you a 100% correct answer about the perfect length every one of your videos should be… 

Because every channel and audience on YouTube is different.

Some viewers have longer attention spans than others. 

Some watchers are on YouTube more often than others.

With that being said, what we can do is look at the numbers, because the numbers don’t lie. 

They are what they are.

Recent studies have proven that the best performing videos ranged from 7-16 minutes.

The average view duration for the highest performing videos ranged from 5-8 minutes.

And the channels with the highest growth uploaded videos 2-3 times per week.

But don’t go thinking you have to hit a home run every time you post a video.

This image is directly from our YouTube Analytics and it shows our stats for the last 28 days:

Our channel is growing pretty well and we have an average view duration of just 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

But here’s some very interesting additional data:

Twenty of our top 23 videos for the last month have an average view duration that is greater than our monthly average.

What does this mean?

Well, several things…

The most important thing we learned is that we know that if we can get the audience to watch over 3 minutes and 12 seconds of a video, then YouTube will drive more traffic to it.

Like we said, your average view durations may be different… 

But over time you’ll be able to figure out what works and what YouTube likes.

When that happens then you’ll be able to control your own growth. 

But you’ll only get that information with data and you’ll only get that data if you consistently post videos to your channel.

Make sense?

Here’s the takeaway: if you can consistently create videos of around 10 minutes long, that keep people watching for at least 3-5 minutes, and do it 2-3 times a week, then you’ll see great growth on YouTube.

Okay, now I know what you’re thinking: Views and subscribers are cool, but like they said in the movie Jerry Maguire, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

Don’t worry—that’s coming next.


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