Bracelet & Charms

The Bracelet & Charm method is something we came up with 4 years ago.

I’ll explain it in a second but first did you come up with your 3 answers?

Let’s go over what Chris came up with.

1. How to get a sixpack
2. How to build muscle
3. How to get stronger

Next, remove “How to” or any added words that aren’t associated with the “keyword” that describes what your customer needs help with.

So the new list would look like:

1. Get a sixpack
2. Build muscle
3. Get stronger

These 3 keywords from your list are called your “Bracelet Keywords.”

They are the keys to the kingdom my friends.

So here’s what you do next. 

Take your first bracelet keyword and go directly to YouTube.

Start to type in your first bracelet keyword but don’t finish. 

Leave the last letter off the end of the word like so:

As you type, you’ll notice an automated list of “recommendations” below the search bar.

This is called the “Google Autocomplete” function.

Remember, Google owns YouTube. 

They’ve seen a fair number of searches in their day (!) and want to help their customers get to the information they want—fast.

This function offers a prediction of what you are searching for based on the popularity of previous user searches.

Pretty cool, right?

Actually, it’s a gold mine. 

It’s a list of high quality free data direct from the owner of YouTube.

Make a list of all of the Autocomplete recommendations that your market is searching for.

These are your “Charm Keywords.”

Here is what Chris discovered. 

People don’t just want a sixpack.  

They want it in a specific time frame:

*get a six pack in 3 minutes
*get a six pack in 1 week

*get a six pack in 30 days
*get a six pack fast
*get a six pack in a month
*get a six pack at home
*get a six pack in 6 weeks
*get a six pack in a week

Wow. The lights came on for Chris real quick after that.

Go through your 3 Bracelet Words and make a list of all the Charm Keywords Google so helpfully provides for you.

You can expect between 25-30 solid Charm Keywords that your market is clearly searching for. 

Folks: these are real people (or should I call them customers?) that were looking for your content..

But couldn’t find it because you hadn’t positioned it correctly. 

And not just 1 or 2 customers—this is what most customers want when they go looking for your content.

Don’t get me wrong. 

If you are selling ice-cream and want to call your version of vanilla “Bob’s Best,” by all means keep doing so. 

But no one is going to discover your vanilla ice cream is the best when everyone is looking for “Old-Fashioned Vanilla.”

After you identify your “Charm Keywords” you are practically home. 

Because each of the charm keywords are essentially begging you to make (or repackage) content for videos with that title.

You can probably come up with more than just 3 Bracelet Keywords as well, and create as many videos for each of the “Charm Keywords.”

Our Bracelet & Charm method gives you an endless list of content that you KNOW your market is actively searching for.

Once you record your content and begin the upload process, be sure to include the Bracelet Keyword in the headline, in the description, and in the tags for the video.

Don’t leave anything to chance. 

You want to “zero in” and target people searching for this exact term.

Here’s an example of a how we did it for a video from the Bracelet Keyword “Shoot A Basketball.”

Now that you know what videos to create, let’s cover some tips & tricks that will help increase the amount of time people watch your videos…

Because as you know… 

Your YouTube search ranking is tied to your watch time.

If you want to get your videos seen and suggested across the platform… 

It’s not enough to show people how to find the treasure chest—you’ve got to get them to dig inside to the very bottom.


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