YouTube Leveled the Playing Field

Remember how I said I had been on YouTube for a decade, and so have experienced the best and the worst that the platform had to offer?

So I know what I’m talking about when I say that before 2014 YouTube was not very useful to me.

Smaller businesses like mine stood no chance on YouTube against the mega content producers.

That’s because YouTube’s old algorithm favored view count.

It was about as nuanced as an elephant in a china shop.

Bigger businesses were able to hack it by simply sending large amounts of traffic to videos as soon as they were released.

This would inflate their views like a rocket taking off and YouTube would rank them over all other videos.

There was no way that us little guys could compete, regardless of how good our content was.

That was until early 2014 when YouTube made a major algorithm switch that leveled the playing field.

YouTube’s algorithm no longer focused on view count but instead on a concept called Watch Time.

There’s lots that changed in the new algorithm…

But at it’s core it meant that if people watch your videos then YouTube will send them more traffic.

This changed the game for people like me. 

Before 2014 I had a small channel, no traffic and was creating videos with just an iPhone.

But suddenly we could complete. 

The algorithm shift allowed little, high-quality fish in the sea to be able to compete with the whales out there. 

It was a game changer.

To put it simply: YouTube was no longer a traffic competition but a content competition.

And that’s a contest anyone can win.

Simply put…

If you provide quality content on a consistent basis…

And give viewers a way to find you… 

Then you WILL get traffic because your Watch Time will outperform the generic videos bigger companies usually post.

In a second, I’ll show you how to provide quality content that your market will watch and enjoy.

But first let’s talk about how to find the right content to create and how to make it so that your videos become discoverable.


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